Ruben Saufkie on Make No Bones About it/Native Issues

Raven Redbone speaks with Ruben Saufkie, Sr. Ruben is a Hopi from the Water Clan. He is described by others as “a humble man, who serves his family, his people and Humanity through his messages of understanding, respect, peace and care for our Mother Earth”. Ruben was one of the leaders of the 2006 H2OPI Water Run which included a delegation of Hopi runners that left the Hopi community in Arizona carrying sacred spring waters gathered from around the world and was presented after their run to the World Water Forum in Mexico City. The H2OPI water run was held to raise awareness of our Mother Earth and the water she has given us; if humanity does not take care of this gift for future generations there could be a day when we do not have it More and more, the world community is recognizing what Hopi and indigenous peoples have been taught since time immemorial: “Water Is Life – We come from water and will return to water as mist” when our journey on earth ends. All waters is a sacred gift from the Creator and a precious birth-right of all living beings. All waters are part of a singular network of life – the great oceans and seas, the frozen waters and glaciers, the cosmic sea from which are born the clouds, snow and rains that nurture the plants, animals, birds, fishes, insects, reptiles and humankind. We are of waters and waters are of us.


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